HutchFounder / WordPress Developer / Designer

Hutch has been designing and building web sites for over 20 years and has been involved in systems development and sales as well. His knowledge and expertise in “all things web” make him a valuable asset to your digital marketing, web site development and deployment initiatives. The personal attention Hutch gives to your needs, along with his own attention to detail, serve to insure the success of your project.  Hutch finds his “unplugged therapy” in woodworking


Donna – CFO (Chief Feedback Officer).  Donna and Hutch were married in the winter of 2004 while Donna was working as an Emergency Response Coordinator for Hewlett Packard in Corvallis, Oregon.  Donna’s attention to detail and her mad planning/organizing skills are an invaluable asset to 1 Source Web.  


James – UX Nerd, UI Designer, Web Programmer

James has been planning, designing and building websites for a very long time. Coming from a photography background, he understands composition is the key starting point from which an artistic eye and technical skill combine to create a polished end-product. Creating effective websites follows a very similar path. When he finds the time, he enjoys home brewing, music and being active.


James rs

1 Source Web was established in 2010 as a single point of contact for organizations looking to create an online web strategy or freshen up their existing site. Our passion is to help small business owners and non-profit organizations develop smart digital strategies, so they can focus on the business they are in.

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